Have you ever thought about it? Spending the winter in Andalusia, on the Costa del Sol? In a villa or apartment, located in the far south of Spain, where even in the months of December and January it can be 20 degrees?
You are considering spending the winter in Spain. A wise choice for many reasons; you enjoy a pleasant climate in beautiful surroundings where you can relax on the beach, or on a terrace, can combine with cultural activities, you will never be bored.
At the same time, spending the winter in Spain is safe and you can feel at ease, for many years many people have preceded you. With its mild and dry summers, Spain is a popular winter destination and has a wide range of winter accommodations. The Costa Del Sol is a region in the south of Spain where you will find all the comforts you are used to in your home country, but Spain offers you more; a cordial population, a beautiful landscape, many attractions, culinary delights and a culture in which you will immediately feel at home.
On www.rentalpropertiesinmarbella.com we will offer you as much information as possible to make your stay in Spain as pleasant as possible. www.rentalpropertiesinmarbella.com is the website where you will find everything you need for both winter and summer holidays in Spain.
You will find several very different locations with all kinds of accommodations but also and various other possibilities for a pleasant stay in Spain during the autumn, winter and spring.
Extra service
Of course, you're home, but you're also on holiday in a foreign country. So, we make your stay as easy as possible. That is why there is always an English-speaking manager who can assist you if you have any questions or can help you with any problems so that you are not alone.
Almost always sun
Andalusia has 320 days of sunshine every year! A wonderful idea to forget the winters in your home country. Maybe you've always been a little above your budget? Let yourself be seduced by the winter offer of Rental properties in Marbella. A holiday in Andalusia with Rental properties in Marbella offers many advantages!
All accommodations are in and around the region of Marbella - Estepona, about 50 minutes’ drive from Malaga airport and the beach of the Costa del Sol.  The apartments are fully furnished and equipped with washing machine, satellite TV, heating and internet access.
If you are well on your feet, then all houses of Rental properties in Marbella are suitable. An English doctor is also available in case you need one during your stay.
The winter period is at least 1 calendar month and from 2 months are mandatory additional costs such as final cleaning is included in the prices shown. Even the energy costs up to 150, - per month are included! This way you really don't have to suffer from cold anymore. The cheapest period for hibernation is November and December. But also, from January to March you already have a complete winter stay.
Spending the winter in Spain is something that more and more people are opting for. Escape the cold cold winter months just go to the south of Spain to spend the winter there and enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean climate. If you no longer have any obligations in terms of work and the like and hate the cold, spending the winter in Spain might be the ideal solution for you!

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