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ABOUT MARBELLA | Marbella | Rental properties in Marbella


Three hours flight from most European countries, and you are in a different world.

A world of 320 days of sunshine a year. From beautiful beaches and green mountains. From trendy boutiques and chic restaurants. From spectacular golf courses and luxury marinas.

The cosmopolitan Marbella has it all, and more. Marbella is an excellent base for cultural and culinary day trips. Would you like to spend a day in an amusement park with the children? Or do you prefer skiing in Sierra Nevada?

There really is something for everyone. And this throughout the year!


Official population in 2017: 140,473 which consists of more than 20% foreigners

Effective population, including tourists: 280,000 in winter and 650,000 in summer

137 different nationalities

Zone: 114.3 km²

Coastline: 23 beaches over 27 km

Average days of sunshine per year: 320

Average temperature: between 12 and 35 degrees (microclimate)

Marinas: 3

Golf courses: 16 and 24 more nearby

Stars restaurants: 3

ABOUT MARBELLA | Marbella | Rental properties in Marbella
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