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Professional and personal care and management of your property in Marbella

Dear owner,

Welcome to Rental properties in Marbella

If you own property in Spain but live most of the year in another country, the last thing you want to worry about is the security and maintenance of your property in Marbella while you are away.

Rental properties in Marbella by Elegant Homes is one of the most respected property management companies on the Costa del Sol. With over 15 years of experience in the real estate market and property care - we look at our client's property as if it were ours.

Our 5 star standard

We manage our management and rental business here in Marbella as if it were a five-star hotel - but one in which the rooms are spread across Marbella and surroundings!

We believe that the service we offer to both the tenant and landlord is exceptional in our industry

What does property management and our services cost?

The various factors that determine the price for property management are the size of the property, and your requirements. Contact us without obligation for a correct customised price offer.

Experienced landlords on the Costa del Sol

As permanent residents of the Costa del Sol, we know better than anyone what the possible problems of an owner can be (and of course how to prevent and treat them). We like to use our own years of "personal" experience when needed.

Property management services

We can manage - or help you with - all property related services in and around Marbella, Spain:

- Non-rented owner-occupied dwellings

- Holiday rental in Marbella, (short term between 1 and 6 weeks)

- Long term rental of Marbella apartments, semi-detached houses and villas

- Community affairs

- Payment of bills

- Legal and accounting assistance related to your property

- Repairs and renovation

- Intrusion protection and intrusion prevention

- New build projects and tricky points

Contact us for a personal meeting and a detailed description of our rental services.



We will be happy to make you an offer. 

Call or email us to ask for your personalized quote.

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