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Concierge services

Concierge services


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LUXURY APARTEMENT & VILLA RENTALS Marbella is home to some of the World’s most luxurious Apartments & Villas, and our Local Concierge has an opulent portfolio of apartment & villas available for short- or longer-term rent.


DINING Marbella is a gourmet's paradise overflowing with exciting, cosmopolitan restaurants with locations in the mountains or directly on the beach with astonishing views to Africa and beyond; the team at our Local Concierge are lovers of fine food and wine so we can make recommendation based upon real experiences for our members.


TOURS Our Local Concierge work with highly experienced, professional and knowledgeable tour guides in Marbella that operate on land, sea and air! Every experience is unique, tried and tested and offers a fascinating insight into our lands, our culture, our people and all served with a good quota of fun!


LUXURY TRAVEL Our Local Concierge offers a range of Luxury Travel and Transport options when it comes to arriving in style and moving around whilst in Marbella. Whether our members choose to arrive by private jet, helicopter, yacht or car we can accommodate their preferences.


YACHT CHARTER Our portfolio of luxury yachts available for charter is the largest in Marbella so whether our members are looking to enjoy a luxurious cruise for a few hours, a full week on board or they prefer a more sporting approach with a little fishing and jet ski action, the our Local Concierge team, their captains and their crew are on hand.


NIGHTLIFE The nightlife scene in Marbella is famous world-wide; celebrities and royal families having graced our shores for a tipple or two for years enjoying the relaxed yet exclusive ambience that can be found in the Bars, the big name DJs and electrifying sound systems in our Nightclubs and some of the most famous names in Music singing live at intimate venues, worlds apart from the likes of a stadium arena.


BEACH CLUBS Beach clubs are a firm part of life in Marbella so are largely included in every itinerary plan we design, especially during the months of April to October when they are all open. Some of the Marbella Beach Clubs include pools such as Puro Beach and Ocean Club, all offer a dining experience as well as lounging and enjoying a drink or two and the setting can be a more relaxed Spanish affair or the epitomé of 5 star luxury.


CATERING Our Local Concierge like to say that they have a flair for gastronomy and our team of chefs and catering staff are both unique and highly skilled whether they are working within a residential environment or an event location. If the requirement is a relaxed and informal dining occasion with family and friends or our member has desires for an exceptional gourmet affair with exquisite delicacies only sourced by experts in the know then we can assist with all aspects of the experience..


SHOPPING SERVICES Whether our members are looking to ensure that their villa is fully stocked upon arrival with everything they want to eat and drink during their stay or, if they wish to have a wardrobe overhaul with the guidance of a professional stylist, the our Local Concierge team can assist with all of their shopping needs.


DOMESTIC STAFF There are times when our members travel without their full-time staff and support team or, perhaps they plan to stay in Marbella for a prolonged period of time so may require assistance from Domestic Staff on a more permanent basis. Our Domestic Services department are at hand to ensure they have all the personal attention required throughout their time in Marbella.


SECURITY SERVICES Marbella is a cosmopolitan destination which presents a low risk status however our high net worth members do often feel that a secure travel support team and executive protection is a necessary requirement so, our Local Concierge work with the very best in the Private Security sector to ensure their members benefit from added caution and care as well as special measures to ensure complete discretion.

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