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Rent out your holiday home in Spain

Rent out your holiday home in Spain

Earning in tough times

First of all, the most important thing: We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

As one of the holiday home rental brokers we have always felt very privileged to work with owners who receive guests in their unique homes. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 has hit the world in an unforeseen way, resulting in major setbacks for many.

These are difficult times for the holiday rental sector, especially for those who arrange everything themselves. Hardly any bookings are made anymore and it’s raining cancellations. On your own, it can then be very difficult to keep your head above water. What is it like to work with an established brand like Elegant Homes Marbella during an unforeseen situation like this? We are happy to share with you how we help our homeowners to generate rental income, even in these difficult times.

Plans for the near future

As an organization with more than years of experience, Elegant Homes Marbella has experienced difficult times before. This gives us some advantage in tackling the current situation. In addition, we are already making plans to secure future bookings for our homeowners. As soon as the market is ready, the Elegant Homes Marbella homeowners will also be ready to get their house fully booked again!

Holiday homes choice #1

We have launched a series of initiatives to encourage people to book with Elegant Homes Marbella now or in the near future. We expect that after the crisis many people will prefer a holiday home to a hotel and probably closer to home.

We are already responding to this with the following initiatives:

Flexible rebooking:

Guests can now move their stay to a date later in the year without worrying about cancellation fees. This ensures a minimal loss of turnover for our homeowners.

Autumn campaigns/ Book before 2021:

In order to make the most of seasonal booking opportunities, we have set up autumn and targeted specific campaigns, such as wintering on the Costa Del Sol, to generate income already now.

Last Minute Stays:

In Spain where local travel is still possible, we have started promoting last minute bookings.

Flexible prices and discounts:

Using our technological pricing systems, maximum discounts are set - without the homeowner losing out - in order to gain an advantage over other players in the market.

Combined with the promotion of our Elegant Homes Marbella properties through more than 2,000 travel and holiday home providers, our properties attract the attention of many potential guests worldwide. As a result, our homeowners have more booking opportunities now and even after this crisis.

Would you like to be part of the ever-growing group of Elegant Homes Marbella holiday homeowners? We will gladly call you to discuss all possibilities.

I want to know more. CONTACT ME

On behalf of the Elegant Homes Marbella team: take good care of yourself and your loved ones. We hope, together with you, that the daily routine will return soon.

Kind regards,

The Elegant Homes Marbella team

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